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We all know that President Trump has separated families at the border. We have heard stories of sexual abuse in detention centers. And the list goes on!

Please contact your elected officials in Congress and urge them to pass the Families Belong Together Act. Passing this act would give immigrant survivors of Trump's zero-tolerance and family separation policies the opportunity to:

--Qualify for citizenshp so that they can fully access medical treatment in the U.S.

--Return to the U.S. and get their green card.

The Families Belong Together Act would also provide funding for federal programs to educate immigrant children and parents on their legal rights and help facilitate their access to counsel.

We are sure this act will not pass during Trump's administration. But it is not too early to work toward 2020. We must build momentum now and urge all members of Congress to make their positions clear. And all of those Democrats running for President in 2020.

Please contact your elected officials in Congress and urge them to support the Families Belong Together Act. At the same time, please tell your members of Congress that sexual abuse and assault in detention centers is evil. Demand that these centers stop the abuse NOW.

Thanks for getting involved.


Once again, the pressure is mounting for President Trump to make his tax returns known. Not only President Trump, but any presidential candidates. We must pass the Presidential Tax Transparency Act, and you can help by contacting your elected officials in Washington.

Now that the House is under Democratic control, we are seeing extreme pressure on President Trump to make his tax returns public. You will remember that nothing happening regarding this in 2018. There is a renewed effort in 2019.

Oregon Seantor Ron Wyden has reintroduced his Presidential Tax Transparency Act, which would make it mandatory for President Trump and all presidential candidates to release tax returns, and a similar bill is moving in the House. Senator Wyden's bill would require all candidates and sitting presidents to release their last three years of tax returns or the Federal Election Commission would do it for them. A similar proposal in the House will be included in the massive anti-corruption bill Democrats will push in the next few weeks.

Please contact your elected officials in both the Senate and the House and urge them to support these tax bills. President Trump is hiding something.
We want to know what it is.

Thanks for your involvement.


If you are a user of Facebook, you should be concerned that your personal information is being given away. We've probably all seen it on the news that Facebook's 2.2 billion users have had their private communications given out to such corporations as Microsoft, Ford, Netflix, Sony and many more.

Facebook has said it will do better, but not much seems to be happening. It's time for government oversight of Facebook, and strong urging of Facebook executives to protect its users. Everything you post on Facebook is fair game.

Facebook has many good qualities, but some things need to change to protect users, eg: hire an executive-level user advocate, conduct a public review of practices, make public a report with recommendations for improving these practices, and create a task force to implement them.

Please contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and share the above with them. Here is the contact info that you need:

Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20580

Phone: 202-326-2222

Also, please contact your elected officials in Washington, and tell them the same.

Thanks for getting involved.