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President Trump fired Kirstjen Nielsen because she refused to reinstate his horrific family separation policy. You probably didn't hear that on national news, but it's true.

Now President Trump is trying to replace her with those who will follow through with his separation policies. Trump will pick someone who will be more extreme than Nielsen, so we must act and contact our Senators and urge them to vote down any DHS nominee who supports family separation.

Thousands of immigrant children are still in detention. And DHS has no record of where their parents are! It could take up to two years for the government to identify and reunite the families who have already been torn apart. And we wonder why children grow up hating the United States!

Please put yourself in the position of the parents who have lost their children. Feel their pain, and vow to take action so that doesn't happen again.

Please contact your Senators and urge them to vote down any Trump nominee for the DHS replacement that supports family separation.

Thank you!



Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report has been made known to some, but not made public. We need to see the entire report so that Attorney General William Barr can't bury what Mueller has learned.

William Barr summarized a report that took Mueller two years to prepare. Barr made Mueller's report into a four page document. We need to see the facts of the entire report.

Democrats are working to have the entire report released, but Mitch McConnell is fighting it tooth and nail. Please tell Congress that the entire report needs to be released. You can do so at the following link. Thank you!

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The Senate has voted down President Trump's emergency power at the border. However, President Trump can veto that, which he says he will do. So both houses of Congress must rein in the White House's emergency powers.

Presently, whoever occupies the White House as President can impose martial law, suspend free speech, and even shut down parts of the internet. Our civil liberties are at stake here! Do we really want President Trump to have the power to do any of this?

Congress must use its oversight powers, reassert its authority and restrict these emergency powers once and for all.

Please contact your elected members in Congress and tell them to rein in the White House's emergency powers.

Thanks for taking action NOW.


We all know that President Trump has separated families at the border. We have heard stories of sexual abuse in detention centers. And the list goes on!

Please contact your elected officials in Congress and urge them to pass the Families Belong Together Act. Passing this act would give immigrant survivors of Trump's zero-tolerance and family separation policies the opportunity to:

--Qualify for citizenshp so that they can fully access medical treatment in the U.S.

--Return to the U.S. and get their green card.

The Families Belong Together Act would also provide funding for federal programs to educate immigrant children and parents on their legal rights and help facilitate their access to counsel.

We are sure this act will not pass during Trump's administration. But it is not too early to work toward 2020. We must build momentum now and urge all members of Congress to make their positions clear. And all of those Democrats running for President in 2020.

Please contact your elected officials in Congress and urge them to support the Families Belong Together Act. At the same time, please tell your members of Congress that sexual abuse and assault in detention centers is evil. Demand that these centers stop the abuse NOW.

Thanks for getting involved.