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President Trump wants to change the census to include a question about citizenship. This is a direct action against immigrant communities and we must stop it. It also rigs elections for the GOP.

This Trump attempt is racist and Congress must stop it immediately. It's imperative that we get involved to stop this discrimination. Right now, Thomas Brunell, is heading the census effort. Brunell is a Republican who has supported gerrymandering and has opposed early voting, and he doesn't have relevant experience for heading this agency (The U.S. Census Bureau). Such a question on census forms would likely keep immigrants and people of color away from accurately filling out census forms and also keep them away from voting booths. This must not happen!

Please contact your Senators and your Representative and urge them to vote against this extremist attack on our democracy.

Please contact your elected officials NOW. Thank you!



We've heard recently that the NRA is being investigated by the FBI for possible ties to money laundering with Russia to the Trump campaign. With each new Russia-Trump tie in 2016, we know we need a thorough investigation by Robert Mueller and by Congress into these ties. Now we're hearing that President Trump has tried, and might be still trying, to fire Mueller. Many say this would spell disaster for Trump.

The media reports that the NRA has held close ties with Russia for years, eg: Russian gun groups have hosted NRA officials. As readers know, the NRA is very divisive and they are thought to have leverage over corrupt members of Congress. That's where we come in!

Please contact the Senate Judiciary Committee and strongly urge them to investigate whether the NRA helped Russia influence our elections in 2016. It's the Senate Judiciary Committee that has the responsibility to investigate this and to make sure it won't happen again in 2018 and beyond.

The Senate Judiciary Committee can be reached at:

U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary
224 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510-6050

Phone: 202-224-5225

Please spread the word! Thank you.



In the latest mass shooting in Texas, the same assault rifle was used as was used in Aurora, Orlando, Las Vegas, Sandy Hook, and San Bernardino. The AR-15! We must strongly urge our elected officials in Congress to ban this weapon and all assault weapons NOW. How many more innocent people need to be gunned down? We can't let it happen again. PLEASE get involved NOW.

President Trump has said that the church shooting in Texas was not a gun issue, but rather a mental health issue. The thing with that is that other countries certainly have people with mental health issues, and they don't go around shooting down people. Let's get real, Mr. President, and stop giving excuses. It's a gun issue.

Let's stop giving the NRA more ground than it deserves and deal with the issue of gun violence.

Please contact your Congressional members and tell them to "Ban weapons of war now." People simply don't need assault weapons to protect their homes and families.

Thanks for making the calls to your elected officials in Congress.