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Seriously . . . Betsy DeVos wants more guns in schools. DeVos wants to use Student Support and Academic Enrichment grants (that should be used for special needs students, new technology, and assisting underperforming students and schools) fo purchase guns so that teachers can arm themselves in their classrooms. If you disagree, now is the time to contact her and tell her why! . . . and YES even if you have contacted her before on this issue.

How much money is she getting from gun lobby and the NRA? Many people don't know the answer. In any case, we don't want to turn our schools into some big markets for guns. Use the grants for the intended uses.

Information for Betsy DeVos:

Secretary Betsy Devos
U.S. Dept. of Education
400 Maryland Avenue SW
Washington, DC 20202




By the end of September, 2018, President Trump will meet with Congress and decide how many refugees will be admitted into the United States in 2019. Here is how many refugees past Presidents have let into the United States (after the Refugee Act of 1980):

President Ronald Reagan: 140,000 refugees
President George H. W. Bush: 142,000 refugees
President Bill Clinton: 121,000 refugees
President George W. Bush: 80,000 refugees
President Barack Obama: 110,000 refugees
President Donald Trump: has said he will let 45,000 refugees into the United States.

Last year, President Trump set the lowest refugee admission in the history of the refugee resettlement program. Most likely, less than half of this number will actually be resettled this year. The critical decision is made by the end of each government fiscal year (October to September) for refugee admissions in the next fiscal year (2019).

Please ask your elected officials in Washington to allow at least 75,000 refugees to rebuild their lives in the United States next year. In advance of their consultations hearing with the administration, call the House and Senate Judiciary Committee leadership today. Tell them:

--Anything less than 75,000 would be to turning our backs on humanitarian tradition and global leadership.

--The future of America as a beacon of hope is on the line

--This is a matter of national security and moral integrity

--Refuggees contribute to our communities and we must continue to welcome them.

The Syrian civil war alone has driven 13.5 million people from their homes since 2011. In Myanmar last year, deadly violence forced 671,000 Rohingya to flee to Bangladesh. And in other conflict zones around the world, including Yeman, South Sudan and Central America, families are fleeing for their lives every single day.

Thanks for taking action on this issue.


We all know about Super PACs and secret money groups in elections, etc. But did you know how much was spent in the 2016 elections? $1.4 billion. It was spent on misleading information, attack ads, and tricks to prevent people from voting. Corporations poured money into the election to sell themselves--all by remaining anonymous.

The DISCLOSE Act would require dark money political groups to disclose their top donors, and ads run by those groups would have to include the real names of their funders.

Please contact your elected officials in Washington and strongly urge them to pass the DISCLOSE Act. We want open, fair elections.

Thanks so much for getting involved in this important issue.


As the 2018 mid-terms get closer, we must demand a fair election. We can not allow racist campaigns to intimidate voters. Please tell your elected members in Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, to allow same-day voter registration. NO to suppressing our right to vote. Voter fraud can not be used as an excuse, and has never been proved anyway. It's a ploy to restrict voting, and we all know it. Black voters are a target.

Fifteen states presently allow same-day registration. Let's make it more! We should be making it easier for people to vote, not harder. Please contact your people in Congress and urge them to act for same-day voter registration.

Thanks for acting!