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President Trump wants to drastically raise entrance fees at some of our country's most iconic national parks. Doing so will prevent many people from enjoying the parks that everyone was meant to enjoy. The parks are not just for those who can afford them. They are for all Americans! Please take action by contacting The National Park Service (NPS) at the info given below.

Park fees will increase as much as 180 percent in some places if we don't act. The NPS is accepting public comments on the proposed rate hike so we need as many comments as possible opposing the plan for rate increases. The final decision will be made in just a few weeks.

Entrance fees will increase in 17 parks, including Yosemite, Glacier, Acadia and Yellowstone, during their busiest time of the year . . . the spring and summer months.

Why are we increasing these parks fees while trying to give huge tax cuts to the rich? Why are the poor the ones to always suffer? It's simply another attack by the Trump administration by their climate deniers and those trying to privatize America's public spaces. Even sacred Native lands are suffering.

Please get involved by contacting the NPS at the information given here:


Phone: 202-208-6843

Michael T. Reynolds
National Park Service (NPS)
1849 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20240


Four years ago the U.S. Supreme Court struck down key parts of the Voting Rights Act. Republicans were elated. Since them many bills have been passed to restrict voting rights and limit access to Americans who wish to vote in our elections. Many people say that the restrictions are biased, eg: no more early voting favored by people of color, restricting voter registration and creating barriers to ballot access, photo ID requirements that would prevent millions from voting.

Where do you stand on this? Now is the time to give it some thought and act if you are able. The 2018 mid-term election will be upon us before we know it. Where do you stand? Think about it, pray about it, and then take action if necessary. Contact your elected officials, both democrats and republicans, and tell them where you stand. Check out libraries and other resources on the topic and educate yourself on the issue.

Fraud has been stated as the reasoning for the above restrictions, but fraud has not been proven as a real problem by many, many states. It makes you think about what the real reasoning might be and how we might fix it to allow all Americans to vote legally.

Please educate yourself and get others to do the same. Thank you!


Since the failure of TrumpCare, we have heard that the Trump Administration was going to work on tax revisions. That is all well and good, but did you know that corporate lobbyists are pushing the White House and GOP leaders to pass a massive tax break for billionaires and giant corporations? All of this is disguised as "tax reform."

We need to speak up before the already rich become even richer and the poor are taxed beyond their means. You may have read that the plan now is to offer CEOs and rich corporations huge tax breaks. Where is the "makeup" money to come from? From Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, and other services that working people and our elderly depend on. We can't let that happen.

Please contact your elected officials in Congress and tell them this is unacceptable. Tell them not to cut critical programs in order to make the rich even richer. Catholic Social Teaching instructs us to protect the poor, not the 1%. Rich corporations must pay their fair share of taxes. The GOP administration wants to take health care away from millions of Americans. Let's not let them get away with this tax revision also.

Thanks for getting involved.


Some climate agencies are asking that all those running in the mid-term elections take a pledge to reject campaign contributions from oil, gas and coal companies. SISTERS ONLINE is spreading the word.

As we draw near to the mid-term elections and as more candidates announce they are running, please contact them all and urge them to declare that they will NOT ask for contributions from oil, gas and coal companies. By standing up to polluters the path to cleaning up elections becomes much clearer. For this to work, however, we must all take action. We must know that our elected leaders are not bought by fossil fuel money. We need our elected officials to show courage and moral leadership and show their support for our climate.

SISTERS ONLINE will be updating this action alert as more information becomes available, so please stay tuned!.

Thanks for getting involved.