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President Trump and many GOP legislators are saying that there is so much voter fraud in our country and they want to change the electoral process to take care of this fraud. The only problem is that no one can say with any clarity that fraud exists. So what it looks like is that President Trump and his GOP cronies are trying to put restrictions on voting to favor their GOP agenda.

Discriminatory photo ID laws, cutting back early voting, and eliminating polling locations are three things Republicans are doing to make it harder for people to vote. In Novemeber, 2018, we want as many people as possible to vote. We want to make it easy for people not make it harder. Here is one way to make this happen:

We must tell Congress to pass the Automatic Voter Registration Act which would create a path to voting for up to 50 million new voters. This will take our grassroot efforts, however. Please contact your members of Congress and strongly urge them to support the Automatic Voter Registration Act.

This Act will expand automatic voter registration nationwide by requiring states to automatically register eligible voters when they interact with certain state and federal agencies. Anyone can opt out, and no one would be registered against their will. We have to work to pass good laws that help expand registration and bring more people to the polls.

Eight states have already passed automatic voter registration. It's time for Congress to take action to make this happen in ALL states so that people who want to register to vote can do so without be hampered by Republican rules.

Please ask your elected officials in Washington to pass the Automatic Voter Registration Act.

Thanks for getting involved.



One of the best ways to crack down on big drug companies is to allow Medicare to negotiate discounts for pharmaceutical drugs. Congress has not allowed this to happen leaving the program paying more for drugs than the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) and Medicaid. It's a taxpayer giveaway to pharmaceutical companies, and we can help it to stop by contacting our legislators.

We need to stop big pharma, who are probably making huge profits by scamming Americans on their drug prices.

Please contact your elected officials in Congress and tell them ENOUGH of this price gouging.

Thanks for getting involved.



The new GOP tax bill imposes "excise" taxes on American citizens living in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. These taxes are not imposed on US citizens living in the States.

Please call your Representative and both Senators and tell them that if they don't strip the tax package of new excise taxes for Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico will lose tens of thousands of jobs and recovery from the hurricanes could be impossible.

We must win protections for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands in the tax reform package, but Congress needs to hear from all of us. Even before the hurricanes, Puerto Rico was suffering from a financial crisis and almost one out of two Puerto Rican children were living in poverty. When the hurricanes hit, a terrible situation was made even worse.

Please take action NOW to help the Puerto Rican people. Tell Congress to remove the excise taxes from their tax bill.

Thanks for getting involved.


So many of the gun deaths we have seen in the U.S. recently are connected to domestic violence. Statistics show that 54% of mass shootings are connected to domestic or family violence.

Loopholes in current gun laws allow some domestic abusers to keep their guns. This must change, and we can help it to do just that.

The Protecting Domestic Violence and Stalking Victims Act would close loopholes that presently allow abusers to keep their guns. Current gun laws prohibit gun ownership by an intimate partner who is convicted of domestic abuse, but the definition of intimate partner is narrowly defined and excludes people who have not been married, lived together or had a child. The Protecting Domestic Violence and Stalking Victims Act would close this so-called "boyfriend" loophole by adding dating partners to the definition of intimate partner. It would also ban convicted stalkers from buying or possessing guns.

We all know that the NRA is certainly against this Act, and they are lobbying Congress NOT to pass it. We wouldn't expect anything else from the NRA. We constituents, however, are demanding more than blind obedience to the NRA.

Please get involved by contacting your elected officials and telling them to pass the Protecting Domestic Violence and Stalking Victims Act.

Thank you!