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Did you know that the United States is dumping millions of tons of plastic waste on third world countries? The U.S. IS doing this, and we at SISTERS ONLINE find it very disturbing. You may have seen a 60 Minutes segment on plastic some time ago. This is a serious problem and we must act NOW.

If you want to see this stopped, please take action by clicking on the provided link and say that you support ending the export of plastic to countries that can't process it. There is popular support for stopping this, but as you can probably imagine, the Trump Administration and huge corporations are doing everything in their power to prevent it. We need a massive show of support.

Plastic is literally choking oceans around the world. Sea life is dying from plastic in their stomachs, etc. We can stop it!

A coalition of countries led by Norway is pushing to add plastic to a deal on hazardous waste, meaning it couldn't be exported unless there were safeguards that it be properly processed, and giving poorer countries the power to refuse it. This should definitely be a priority, and it has to be done NOW.

Thanks for taking action by signing your name at the following link.

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There has been renewed action in both the Senate and the House to saying NO to assault weapons in the United States. Regulating assault weapons would be a good thing to do in the near future in the U.S. If you agree, here are bills in the House and Senate that you can urge your elected officials in Washington to support and co-sponsor.

S 66--Assault Weapons Ban of 2019. The bill currently has 28 co-sponsors, all of them Democrats. This bill has been introduced by Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA).

HR 1296--Representative David Cicilline (D-RI) has introduced this companion bill to S 66. It currently has 191 co-sponsors and all are Democrats.

Assault weapons were banned in the United States from 1994-2004. Please encourage your elected officials in Washington to do so again.

Thanks for getting involved.


The Senate will vote sometime in the near future on making Ronald Vitiello the permanent head of ICE. Many people don't want this to happen since Vitiello is the one who is responsible for separating children from their families at the border. Of course, this was at the direction of the President, but Vitiello followed through without delay. Some Republicans are saying NO to Vitiello as well, but, if you agree to this, please contact your two Senators as soon as possible. Even the ICE employees' union expressed concerns about Vitiello. Now is our chance to say NO to Ronald Vitiello.

Thousands of children are still in detention without their parents. As you are aware, this is something that concerns many Americans. We must say NO MORE, and reconnect these children with their parents. We don't want immigrants/refugees tear gassed, we don't want children to die of neglect in ICE custody, we don't want border security to turn away refugees who only want to escape violence in their home countries. Now there is even talk about shutting down the border completely.

No person who lost track of children and cannot locate and return them to their family deserves to stay in their job.

Tell your Senators: Reject Ronald Vitiello's nomination as permanent head of ICE.

Thanks for getting involved in this action.



Caddell Construction Company could be one of the primary builders of the border wall. Will you tell them that harming refugees is not business as usual? Tell them to pull their bid now.

As you know, refugees arriving at the southern border are hoping and praying to be allowed to cross into the United Stated. So many have traveled very hard journeys in hope of a new life here. The U.S. has always welcomed refugees. That's not to say that they should be allowed in with no background checks, etc. They're willing to work hard and just want a better life for their families. President Trump declared a national emergency that many say is fake only to divert tax dollars to building a border wall.

One of the primary construction companys that bid to build the wall is Caddell Construction Company from Montgomery, Alabama. Trump is not supported by Congress or the American people so we want to tell Caddell to withdraw its bid.

The wall is a violation of refugee rights and many feel a wall will not keep them out of the U.S. anyway. It's basically a waste of taxpayer money.

Will you contact Caddell and strongly urge them to withdraw their bid?

Here is the information you need:

Caddell Construction Company
2700 Lagoon Park Drive
Montgomery, Alabama 36109

Phone: 334-272-7723

Thank you for taking the time to act on this emergency alert.