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(UPDATE TO THIS ARTICLE--Since we posted the article below, the House has passed a resolution to revoke the emergency. NOW we must demand that the Senate do the same and rein in President Trump. Please contact your Senators and urge them to vote to revoke Trump's bid for a national emergency.)

President Trump's national emergency is a power grab beyond anything we have seen since his presidency began, and we must stop it. Some states will contest it in court, but we can get involved too.

We must tell our elected officials in Washington to stand up to this Trump trick. It is an unlawful assault on our democracy, and with the Supreme Court stacked with Trump allies, this unconstitutional move could open the door to unlimited power for Trump any time he doesn't get his way.

Several Republicans have already publicly criticized this attempt by Trump, and if they vote no, Trump will be forced to veto Congress to get his way. We need 17 Republicans to join Democrats to override his veto and stop this fake power grab before it starts.

Under a state of emergency, President Trump can:

--order the military to round up immigrants or stop protests in American cities.

--block access to websites and social media tools or disrupt e-mail communication.

--order the killing or indefinite detention of people he designates as enemies.

--freeze assets and block financial transactions of people who hire, house, or provide paid legal representation to asylum seekers.

Please call your elected officials in Washington and urge them to revoke Trump's national emergency and rein in presidential emergency powers.

Thank you for your action on this.



As you know, we now have a Democrat controlled House of Representatives. This is now an opportunity to urge your Representative to support legislation to update background checks. The new Representatives seem to have a good sense of gun control so now is our chance to get them to make changes in our background checks. The sooner the better.

This Congress can help to protect communities across America, and they can do it now. A loophole currently allows criminals, domestic abusers, and other people who aren't allowed to have guns to buy them with no background checks and no questions asked if they go to an unlicensed seller. This has to stop. Please get involved by contacting your Representative and tell him/her you want this changed immediately. It's time to close the loophole.

Message: Support legislation to update background checks NOW. Close the loophole and hold unlicensed dealers accountable.

Thanks for getting involved.


News recently broke that Trump's Secretary of Labor, Alexander Acosta, set up a deal for a multimillionaire sexual predator who abused dozens of teenage girls to serve almost no jail time. This is a disgrace and must be addressed!

Jeff Epstein sexually abused and trafficked at least 80 girls as young as 14 years old. As U.S. Attorney in Miami in 2008, Acosta arranged a plea deal for a mere 13-month sentence, ignored most of Epstein's crimes, and stopped an FBI probe from helping more survivors and possibly finding more powerful people involved in Epstein's trafficking ring.

Now, as Secretary of Labor, Acosta is in charge of protecting workers across the country and stopping human trafficking. With a past like this he cannot be trusted to uphold our laws. He needs to be fired. ASAP.

Congress has the power to hold public hearings and remove Acosta, but they will likely only act if this story generates enough outrage in the media and in each Representative's home district. Will you sign the petition demanding Congress impeach Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta now?

To do so, click on the following link:

Impeach Secretary Acosta

Thanks for taking action!