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The heads of six continental bishops’ conferences have signed a rare joint statement urging political leaders to solve climate change.

The bishops’ call is clear:

"We call for ambitious and immediate action to be taken in order to tackle and overcome the devastating effects of the climate crisis. These actions need to be taken by the international community at all levels: by persons, communities, cities, regions, nations."

The bishops’ statement is aimed at world leaders who are preparing for a UN climate summit in Poland this December.

We invite you to take three minutes today to share the statement with your pastor or another leader in your community. We’re all in this crisis together, and we’re all called to respond with the clarity and urgency the bishops have demonstrated.

  • The statement is here.
  • The bishops say that “there is no time to waste.” I invite you to set aside a few minutes today to share this statement with your pastor or another leader.

From the Global Catholic Climate Movement



Over the years, we at SISTERS ONLINE have followed the case of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, a congregation of Catholic sisters, who are working against Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, to stop a gas pipeline from crossing their property. The county is fighting for seizure of the sisters land to build the pipeline.

Now the sisters are appealing their case to the Supreme Court because they believe the forcible seizure of their land to build the pipeline in Lancaster County violates their religious freedom rights. Their Land Ethic states "we believe the earth is sacred, and it is our duty as stewards of our land to use it in honorable ways."

Please pray for a just decison in the case. The sisters legal counsel will offer remarks and answer any questions on the steps of the Court that morning.

For more information about the pipeline and some history of this case over the years, log on to:

You can also call Sister Sara Dwyer, ASC on her cell phone at 314-616-7316 or e-mail her at

Thanks for your support and your prayers. Please post this announcement on your bulletin boards and send to your networks. Thank you!


In an October 18, 2018, statement, the Catholic bishops of Washington state endorsed a ballot initiative that would boost gun safety measures and restrict the purchase and ownership of firearms.

Citing numerous recent incidents of mass shootings nationwide and in Washington, the bishops said their stance is rooted in Catholic social teaching on the sacredness of human life from conception to natural death, which "demands that the Catholic Church engage in solutions to help prevent these horrific occurrences."

Called the Changes to Gun Ownership and Purchase Requirements Measure, Initiative 1639 has gained widespread support throughout the state.

The initiative calls for strengthening background checks, extends the waiting period before completing the purchase of semi-automatic weapons, requires safety training, establishes storage requirements and increases the minimum age to buy semiautomatic assault rifles to 21.



Univision asked 12,038 Catholics in 12 countries if women should be allowed to join the priesthood. Here, a sample of how many responded positively:

59%--United States


--Pope Francis encouraged women attending a baptism ceremony in the Sistine Chapel to "breast-feed, without fear" inside the church. The Pontiff previously aired his support for public breast-feeding in 2013

--In a papal decree, Pope Francis established legal procedures to remove bishops who mishandle sex-abuse cases. Critics have long argued that bishops shuffle priests accused of abuse to different parishes rather than reporting them to the police.

--Pope Francis called on U.S. priests to devote more time to their parishioners' spiritual needs. But 20% of U.S. parishes no longer have a priest in residence. For each U.S. priest, there are 2,600 parishioners. (

--45% of U.S. Catholics attend Mass at least once a week. 19% attend monthly, and 35% say they attend less often or never. (The Washington Post/ABC News)