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The Department of Homeland Security is trying to change the definition of a public charge. This is a direct attack on immigrant families and would undermine their ability to reunify with their loved ones. We at SISTERS ONLINE are directly opposed to any attempt to get this done. We ask you to join us in this fight.

If this change in the public charge rule goes forward, immigrant families will be forced not to receive vital medical, nutritional, or educational services because they are afraid they will not receive a green card. They also would not receive food stamps. If these changes are adopted, immigrants must decide on a green card or foregoing these benefits. That's not fair!

We have until December 10 to notify our elected officials in Washington and telling them of our concerns for this change in the public charge rule. We simply can't let this happen.

Please take action by December 10 and contact your elected officials in Washington.

Thank you for taking action.


We have a caravan of Central American people heading to the United States. These are people who are fleeing violence in their own countries and there is no evidence that there are criminals and/or Middle Easterners among them. The United States has always welcomed people fleeing violence and this is no exception. We have a system for processing asylum requests at the border so we should be preparing in this way for the caravan, not preparing to send in the military.

Also, we must take into account that the United States has contributed to the instability in Central America by overthrowing governments, mounting drug wars, and fueling civil wars.

We have a moral responsibility to protect those seeking refuge. We must tell this administration and Congress to allow asylum seekers and vulnerable families to seek protection, prevent family separation and incarceration, and reduce deportations and border militarization.

Please get involved by calling President Trump and your elected officials in Washington. President Trump's contact information is below:

President Donald J. Trump
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

White House Comment Line: 202-456-1111

White House Switchboard: 202-456-1414

White House FAX: 202-456-2461

Leave a comment for President Trump at:

Thank you for your action!



Recently, in 17 states, there have been prison hunger strikes because of conditions in the prison, violence, and forced labor. An example of forced labor would be having prisoners work along fire lines in California and other states. Some states pay these prisoners low (13 cents an hour) wages. Other states don't pay them at all. Our 13th amendment was actually created with a loophole that legitimized slavery of inmates. Hard to believe, but it's true.

Some of the demands of the prison strikes are as follows:

--Prisons must acknowledge that inmates are human beings and treat them as such.

--End prison slavery. Prevailing wages must be paid.

--There must be proper channel to address prisoner grievances.

--End all racism, including gangs.

--Voting must be allowed. All voices count.

As we get closer to the November elections, the last demand becomes even more important. There are states that completely bar any formerly incarcerated person from voting.

Do you know how your state prisons are operated? If not, would you take the time to find out and, perhaps, work to get grievances corrected?

Thanks for getting involved.