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Please support legislation by Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Raul Grijalva to repeal the Oak Flat land exchange and stop the transfer of sacred Native American land to a foreign mining company.

Here are the facts:

Sacred Native American land in Arizona could soon be home to a two-mile wide, 1,000-foot deep copper mine. The problem, as you read in the title above, is that the land contains culturally and spiritually significant sites to the Apache tribe. In a secret deal in 2014, the land in Oak Flat, Arizona, was given away to a foreign-owned, multinational mining company (Resolution Copper, owned by conglomerate Rio Tinto) with a terrible environmental record and a history of human rights abuses.

Senator Sanders and Representative Grijalva have taken up the cause to save the land from the mining company. They have introduced the "Save Oak Flat Act," which would end the transfer of the land. This is where you come in! Will you call your Senators and your Representative and tell them to support Senator Sanders and Representative Grijalva and the "Save Oak Flat Act"?

Copper mining in the Oak Flat region would also be environmentally disastrous. The mining company is exempt from the Clean Water Act so the copper mine could be very dangerous for the area's water.

We have all heard about similar situations in our country. Public outcry helped change the direction of Congress. Please get involved and contact your two Senators and your Representative.

Thanks for taking action.



We've heard it so often. Anything less than $15 an hour just isn't enough to support families. Now it's time that we all act on what we have heard if we haven't all ready. Or even if we have!

Congressional members are getting behind a bill called "Raise the Wage Act of 2019," which would raise the minimum wage to $15 by 2024. Fast food workers, teachers, and bank employees are just some of the people that would profit from this Act. Women and people of color would profit the most! Waitresses and other tipped workers would also receive a fair wage.

Please contact your elected officials in Washington (Democrat or Republican) and tell them to support the "Raise the Wage Act of 2019".

We don't want our elected officials to allign themselves with big business. If you want more money to go to low-wage workers, please take action now. Thank you!



Recently, in 17 states, there have been prison hunger strikes because of conditions in the prison, violence, and forced labor. An example of forced labor would be having prisoners work along fire lines in California and other states. Some states pay these prisoners low (13 cents an hour) wages. Other states don't pay them at all. Our 13th amendment was actually created with a loophole that legitimized slavery of inmates. Hard to believe, but it's true.

Some of the demands of the prison strikes are as follows:

--Prisons must acknowledge that inmates are human beings and treat them as such.

--End prison slavery. Prevailing wages must be paid.

--There must be proper channel to address prisoner grievances.

--End all racism, including gangs.

--Voting must be allowed. All voices count.

As we get closer to the November elections, the last demand becomes even more important. There are states that completely bar any formerly incarcerated person from voting.

Do you know how your state prisons are operated? If not, would you take the time to find out and, perhaps, work to get grievances corrected?

Thanks for getting involved.