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President Trump is trying to take away SNAP food even though Congress passed the Farm Bill a few months ago that was very clear about protecting SNAP in a bipartisan way. Once again, President Trump wants to sidestep Congress and slash the nation's largest food assistance program.

Less than 48 hours after the Farm Bill was passed, President Trump proposed a new rule that would jeopardize food assistance for 755,000 people in our nation. Current law already requires that states limit SNAP to just three months out of every three years for adults without minor children unless they can log 20 hours of work per week. This policy alone cuts off hundreds of thousands of unemployed or underemployed individuals from food assistance when they need it most.

People who are working to look for a job shouldn't also have to be worried about looking for their next meal. There is no evidence that making people hungry helps them find work. In fact, the opposite has been proven. SNAP lifted 3.6 million Americans out of poverty in 2016 and has been also shown to boost our economy. Further, SNAP reacts quickly to economic problems and natural disasters, meaning it is there for communities when they need it. SNAP is essential for struggling families and no one wants to see that jeopardized.

Will you contact your elected officials in Washington as well as the Department of Agriculture and tell them that President Trump needs to leave his hands off of SNAP?

Here is the information you need to contact the Department of Agriculture:

Sonny Perdue
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
1400 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20250



Are you an Amazon member? If so, would you contact Amazon and tell them to remove their GMO apple, made by Intrexon, the genetic engineering company, from unsuspecting consumers. Consumers are unsuspecting because Amazon hides their GMO apples in dried apple snacks. The GMO "Arctic Apple" is completely unnecessary.

This apple was engineered to not turn brown when cut, but you can use lemon on a "real apple" to take care of that problem. No need for GMOs.

The only reason the GMO "Arctic Apple" exists is so Amazon can make a profit. A profit at who's expense? Intrexon apples are poorly tested and they are unlabeled. They will also look fresh when, in actuality, they are not.

If you are an Amazon member, please tell them to take their GMO apple, "Arctic Apple," off the market.

Thanks for getting involved in this human health and environmental issue.