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Scott Pruitt is trying to repeal the Clean Power Plan, with as little transparency and public input as possible. Why is this happening? Very probably it's because the fossil fuel industry is contributing to the GOP and the GOP needs to support their friends. Putting profits before the health and safety of children and families is not acceptable.

By law, Pruitt must accept public feedback. That's where we come in!

Please call your elected officials in Washington, as well as Scott Pruitt, and say you want the Clean Power Plan to stay as it is. The Clean Power Plan would limit carbon pollution so any attack on that plan is also an attack on the Clean Air Act. The Clean Power Plan would accelerate the transition to clean energy that is already underway.

A majority of Americans want their government to act on climate change. We must stand together and demand change for the better. The Clean Power Plan is one of the most powerful tools we have to curb carbon pollution from the power sector and move our great country toward a clean energy economy.

Please get involved. Here is the information you need to contact Scott Pruitt:

Environment Protection Agency (EPA)
Director: Scott Pruitt:

Administrator Scott Pruitt
Environmental Protection Agency
1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20460

Thanks for getting involved!



The Catholic Church brings a distinct perspective to the debate about climate change by lifting up the moral dimensions of this issue and the needs of the most vulnerable among us. The USCCB is focusing on particular parts of the climate change issue. Our efforts promote prudent action to address the growing impact of global climate change and pursue the common good in a very polarized debate. The bishops' primary concern is to place the needs of the poor and vulnerable at the center of climate legislation. Poor people cannot be made to bear an undue burden of the impacts of climate change or the global adjustments needed to address it.

People living in poverty--both at home and abroad--contribute least to climate change but they are likely to suffer its worst consequences with few resources to adapt and respond. The impacts of climate change--including increased temperatures, rising sea levels, and changes in rainfall that contribute to more frequent and severe floods and droughts--are making the lives of the world's poorest even more precarious. Urgent action that both addresses the growing impact of climate change and acts to protect the poor and vulnerable is needed.


30K--Total square miles in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, all of which would be opened to oil and gas exploration under Trump's proposed policies (Glyn Peterson)

--SYRIA INTENDS TO SIGN PARIS PACT--Syria is planning on signing the Paris climate-change accord, an official from the war-ravaged country announced at a global climate meeting in Germany. The move would leave the U.S. as the sole U.N. member state outside the agreement.

3.95 billion--Age of a rock containing organic material found in Canada's Labrador region, thought to be some of the earliest known life on Earth, according to new research published in the journal "Nature."

--Seven in 10 Americans--including almost half of self-identified Trump voters--favored our staying in the Paris climate agreement, according to a Yale poll.

100--Years that theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking predicted humans have left to find another planet to live on, before global warming renders Earth uninhabitable.

--Trees absorb 1/5 of carbon emissions. (The Nature Conservancy)