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We welcome all of you to consider membership or affiliation in SISTERS ONLINE. We are a grassroots collaboration of women religious with a vision that religious congregations have an important role to play in sustaining our planet. SISTERS ONLINE is a way for congregations of religious to present a unified presence on the Internet; they foster conversation and social actions on issues affecting a variety of issues. We also welcome lay women and men to join in this collaborative effort.

Please consider joining us as members or affiliates. This is a way to build an online community with others who care about our earth and what is happening in our world.

We have two forms of membership:

1. Sustaining Members

2. Supporting Members

Sustaining Members are congregations that make substantial contributions ($3,000 or more each year) to Sisters Online (SOL). These congregations make possible the ongoing development of Sisters Online as a way to be visible on the Internet as "sisters committed to global kinship.” We are grateful to these congregations for their great generosity.

Supporting Members make contributions of $1,000 - 2,999 each year and are vital to Sisters Online on many levels: financial support, board involvement and volunteer activities. Without these members, the organization would not be viable.

Benefits for both Sustaining and Supporting Members are:

—Free listing of retreats, workshops and ministry openings.

—Links to their congregational website from our Home Page as well as from our Vocations Page.

—The right to have a representative on the Sisters Online Board of Directors.**

—The SOL Newsletter.


We realize that many congregations, due to size, age of members, and other factors, are not in a position to make substantial monetary contributions to SOL. We value the support and involvement of all congregations, as well as all interested individuals regardless of age and financial involvement. Therefore, we welcome any group or person who wishes to affiliate with SOL and further the mission of the organization. A financial contribution of $25 or more will assure your affiliation with SOL. You will receive our Newsletter periodically and collaborate with us in praying for social causes you support and in writing letters to assist in making changes in our global situation. You will be invited to the annual meeting and share in direction setting. You may be invited to serve on ad hoc committees and/or on the Board of Directors as resource persons.

We invite you to consider joining "sisters committed to global kinship" at whatever level best suits your interests and financial resources.

Please spend time on our website today and discover the valuable resources offered by this unique organization.

**Board members meet once a month to conduct the business of Sisters Online. These meetings generally last two hours.