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We all would agree that the chemical attack on civilians in Syria was terrible. The pictures are agonizing and very hard to look at. There is no debate on this.

However, how the U.S. and our allies will respond is a definite issue. President Trump wants military action and wants it very soon. Doing so could endanger everyone on the planet. No one should have the power to threaten World War III, which would be nuclear. Trump lacks the legal authority to militarily engage Syrian forces without explicit authorization from Congress.

We MUST take action before this happens and as President Trump has said, meetings are under way to decide on appropriate action. Our question is: What is appropriate action? There is no question that Syrian crimes should be investigated and punished. Military action, however, only makes things much worse. Real diplomacy is the only viable path that would support a stable Syria.

Please contact your elected members in Congress, both in the House and the Senate, and strongly urge them to do all they can to prevent President Trump from reacting to the situation with military action.

Thank you so much for taking an action for peace at all costs!


President Trump has said he wants to end the Iran deal. We at SISTERS ONLINE believe it is imperative to keep the deal intact instead of punishing Iran for adherence to its part of the plan and moving the United States toward further violation of its commitment to sanctions relief. We know that sanctions harm innocent people and empower more hostile military leaders. We want no more sanctions and no war with Iran.

Please contact your Representative and your two Senators and tell them to work to keep the deal and that you want no more cruel sanctions and no more threats of war.

Thanks for taking Action.


The idea of a nuclear war with North Korea seems to have calmed down now, at least for a while. Perhaps, Charlottesville had something to do with that!

In any case, now is our chance to tell the president of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, that Americans want peace with North Korea. Trump has pressured Moon to allow more missile and radar weaponry into the country and more war games in the skies near the border of North Korea. Moon, however, has said he does not want war.

SISTERS ONLINE agrees with Moon and we must tell him so. Will you tell him you agree with his NO war policy. Tell him that people in the U.S. and the rest of the world agree. War must be avoided, diplomacy pursued, and peace allowed to prevail.

Stand in solidarity with President Moon of South Korea and sign on to the following. Go to:

Please pass this action on to friends, family, etc. Now is our chance to take action for peace in the Koreas.


--AMERICA'S BIGGEST TARGETS--The U.S. dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016, 3,027 more than in 2015, according to an analysis of Defense Department data from the Council on Foreign Relations. Here are the most targeted countries:

**Syria (12,192 bombs)
**Iraq (12,095)
**Afghanistan (1,337)
**Libya (496)
**Yemen (34)
**Pakistan (3)

--Most Americans (56%) support the nuclear deal with Iran, including 69% of Democrats and 41% of Republicans. 37% oppose the deal. But most people remain skeptical: 64% say they aren't confident that it will prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. (ABC News/Washington Post)

--The Afghanistan War, the longest foreign conflict in U.S. history, has cost American taxpayers nearly $1 trillion and will probably cost several hundred billion dollars more after it officially ends. The U.S. borrowed the money to pay for the conflict and has already racked up $125 billion in owed interest on the debt. (Financial Times)

--83% of Americans favor providing humanitarian aid to people fleeing ISIS. (CNN report)

--World's worst peacemakers--An annual WIN/Gallup International survey asked more than 66,000 people worldwide which country they considered the "greatest threat to peace." The top four: 24% (United States), 8% (Pakistan), 6% (China), 5% (Afghanistan).