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Organization: Redemptorist Renewal Center
Location: Tucson, Arizona

Date: March 12-15, 2018

Based on the conviction that, whenever the energies of Love are unleashed, the universe soars to greater heights and the world is transformed, this bi-annual LCWR Imagining Justice event will focus this year on "enleashing the Energies of Love."

Presenter: Gail Worcelo, SGM

Gail is from the Green Mountain Monastery in Vermont. She was a student and close friend of Thomas Berry, CP, and has worked with groups both nationally and internationally to assist them in integrating the wonder and power of the Universe Story and its emergent mysteries into their daily lives and ministries.

The location of the event, on the edge of the Sonoran desert, provides rich nourishment for body, spirit and imagination. In addition to presentations and input from Gail, participants will have the opportunity for contemplative sitting, listening, and speaking, mutual awakening practices, the practice of imagination, and personal and shared reflection.

A flyer descriging the event along with a registration form are available on the LCWR website at http://www.lcwr.org/social-justice/ImaginingJustice2018

Registration is limited to 37 participants.