2395 University Avenue, Suite 202, St. Paul, MN - 55114, 651-646-2854

Organization: Equal Citizens
New Orleans, LA
Date: February 2-4, 2018

Lavin-Bernick Center, Tulane University

Learn how to fix: Gerrymandering, Corruption, Rigged Elections

At the summit you'll meet an all-star lineup of leaders and activists from across the political spectrum focused on unrigging America's political system. You'll come away from the weekend with the information, tools, and relationships you need to fix our political system.

You'll have access to a rich mixture of entertainment, workshops, advice from thought leaders, a TED-style presentation stage, documentary screenings, and self-organized skill shares.

You'll learn from and connect with, people across the movement. Meet other activists fighting corruption; ask a policy wonk that question irking you about gerrymandering; introduce a journalist to your work.

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