2395 University Avenue, Suite 202, St. Paul, MN - 55114, 651-646-2854

Organization: Global Climate Action
Location: San Francisco, California
Date: September 9-11, 2018

Soil Not Oil is the people's voice for ecology and nature in the face of profit-driven climate change "solutions." As Vandana Shiva says, "Nature shrinks as capital grows. The growth of the market cannot solve the very crisis it creates."

The Global Climate Action Summit, hosted by Jerry Brown, is an attempt to grow the market as it brings together industry and governments to discuss corporate, high tech climate adaptation and green infrastructure. Soil Not Oil 2018 Conference will focus on land-based, community-powered solutions from across the globe and the ability of nature to sequester carbon and restore ecosystems.

Community Powered Solutions to Climate Change

We promote agro-ecological practices and community powered solutions to restore ecosystems and reach environmental justice.

Have an idea for a session at Soil Not Oil (SNO) 2018? We love to hear your ideas and projects!