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Coal projects and climate change are threatening major UNESCO World Heritage sites around the world--The Sundarbans Forest in Bangladesh, Lamu Island in Kenya, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and countless ancient places in Turkey. YOU can make a difference by signing the petition below.

UNESCO has been silent so we need to notify their headquarters ahead of a major meeting next week. UNESCO is responsible for protecting the cultural and natural heritage of our world--places that are more meaningful than money from big coal. Right now, greed is winning, which is why we need to take action before June 29. will deliver the petition to UNESCO headquarters to tell them to stand up to coal and climate change and to protect these sites.

Please sign the petition now. Thanks for getting involved.



President Trump's budget has been released and it's a slap in the face of the environment. Here are some details:

--A 31% cut to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) leaving us with more air pollution, water pollution, and climate change.
--An 84% cut to the National Park Service.
--An 88% cut to the United States Forest Service.
--An 89% cut to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).
--A 66% cut to the Fish and Wildlife Service.

All of this leaves us with more danger of corporations entering our national parks for fracking and mining purposes.

Please contact your members of Congress and tell them to protect our air, water, public lands and climate. We must act now.

Thanks for getting involved.



The Trump administration is calling for the lease of nearly 24 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas drilling. We at SISTERS ONLINE disagree with this and urge our readers to take action. As you know, the Obama administration has promised a transparent presidency so we wonder why these discussions are being held online and in secret.

We believe that this lease of acreage to oil and gas companies will put Gulf state residents at risk and threaten the fight to combat climate change that we agreed to in Paris. Furthermore, we remember the Deepwater Horizon explosion which killed 11 people, spilled over 4 million gallons of oil, and killed many animal and plant populations. We also know that the economy of the Gulf was devastated.

If you agree with us, please contact President Obama and tell him you're very concerned.

Contact information for President Trump:

White House Comment Line: 202-456-1111

White House Switchboard: 202-456-1414

White House FAX: 202-456-2461

Leave a comment for President Trump at:

Thanks for taking action.