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Many of our readers may have read about the droughts in Kenya. Normally, these droughts last from December until February, but this year they lasted until July.

Consequently, crops have died and many animals as well. Kenyan women are forced to walk even further to get water for their families. This drought has affected the entire East Africa region, causing countries to declare famine and leaving more than 14 million people in a dire situation.

We're not asking for donations, but we ARE asking you to contact your elected officials in Washington and strongly urge them to get involved in this humanatarian emergency. Please help!

Kenyans are also trying to get aid from local governments, but this alone will not solve the problem. We know that climate change is a factor, but regardless, these people need help from the U.S. Government. Please help by contacting your elected officials and urging them to help the drought stricken people in Kenya and the entire East African area.

Thanks for getting involved.


Methane pollution is not just a problem in the United States, but it's here in the States that we can do something about it by contacting our Senators and telling them we demand change. Methane makes climate change worse and puts our health at risk. The Trump administration has said that standards already in place to reduce methane pollution are in danger of being reversed. That's where we come in!

Please contact your Senators and tell them you are aware that methane levels need to be reduced and you believe this is an imperative for a healthier climate. Plus, methane causes asthma attacks to go up due to smog released by fossil fuels that produce methane.

Please contact your Senators and demand a reduction in methane pollution. Thanks for getting involved.