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Today, October 1, President Trump was on TV/radio live to announce his NAFTA plan. As usual, he said it is the best plan ever, but working families and environmentalists know better.

Unfortunately, the new NAFTA deal does not offer enforcement mechanisms needed for labor and environmental standards to prevent employers from moving jobs to areas where worker rights and environmental protection are ignored. We need to see stronger labor and environmental rules with ways to enforce them. Without them, we will continue to move jobs and suppress wages. We will also see the dumping of toxins in our rivers and in our air and special rights for corporate polluters.

Access to medicines is also an issue in the new NAFTA plan. We need to see a plan on the affordability of medicines in this new plan and not an increase in the monopolies for phrmaceutical giants that raise healthcare costs.

Canada is now part of this plan too. All three parties should work for a plan that benefits working people and the planet.

Please contact your elected officials in Washington and tell them that Trump's NAFTA proposal is unacceptable. Additional changes need to be made to help working families, our environment, and affordability of life-saving medications.

President Trump hopes to sign this new plan into law in about a month. We don't have a lot of time, so please contact your elected officials soon.

Thanks for getting involved.


Methane pollution is not just a problem in the United States, but it's here in the States that we can do something about it by contacting our Senators and telling them we demand change. Methane makes climate change worse and puts our health at risk. The Trump administration has said that standards already in place to reduce methane pollution are in danger of being reversed. That's where we come in!

Please contact your Senators and tell them you are aware that methane levels need to be reduced and you believe this is an imperative for a healthier climate. Plus, methane causes asthma attacks to go up due to smog released by fossil fuels that produce methane.

Please contact your Senators and demand a reduction in methane pollution. Thanks for getting involved.