millennium goals
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Sisters Online is a collaborative ministry;
a website focusing on spirituality and justice.
We seek to be voices for right
relationships and agents of change.
We are Sisters committed to global kinship


Sisters Online was born out of the Fourth International Women's Conference in Beijing, China, where participants were challenged to use the Internet to network with one another around goals for social change. Communities of religious women in the Upper Midwest decided to collaborate together on a website where justice issues would be the main focal point. Sisters invite all individuals and communities of women to work together to create a world where the needs of the earth and all its peoples are more important than profit, a world where life in all its forms is valued and held sacred.

This vision is part of a whole movement of women committed to transforming society around the world. This website is meant to facilitate the work of Sisters and raise up the voices of those who are without power and wealth. The three focus areas invite everyone to take on a global issue, a national issue for the U.S. A. and a regional issue. Please become a part of this growing social movement by working with us for change.